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    Practice Philosophy

    To provide the highest quality of care to each individual patient
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Allowing patients to be injury free and to function at their desired level is my number one priority.


Performance enhancement

Performance is typically limited due to restrictions in range of motion that alter mechanics of complex movement patterns that are used in training or competing.



Pain can stem from multiple sources. It can present as joint pain, bone pain, soft tissue/muscle pain, nerve pain or even organ pain.



Injuries can be prevented and corrected through assessing biomechanical dysfunctions through active and athletic movement patterns.

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Commuting Tips

     When it comes to travel, not many people think about trying to prevent injury while traveling unless they are already traveling with injury. I tend to focus more on time traveling as opposed to distance traveling. You and I both know that with the growth this city has seen,

AC joint sprain with subscapularis strain

INITIAL PATIENT HISTORY: A 17 year old high school quarterback presented right shoulder pain after getting tackled in a football game on Friday night. The patient throws with his right arm and has no previous history of shoulder injuries. EXAMINATION RESULTS: The patient presented into the office supporting his right

Tension headache

INITIAL PATIENT HISTORY: A 24 year old female presented to the office with a chief complaint of headaches. EXAMINATION RESULTS: The patient has been experiencing consistent headaches over a 2 week period. Pattern of the headache begins at the base of the skull and spreads up toward the top of